"Ghost Electricity/Vampire Draw" Vellum Clear Variant

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  • "Ghost Electricity/Vampire Draw" Vellum Clear Variant

The 4th solo album from Richard Edwards.

Last autumn, at an experimental clinic in Chicago, Richard Edwards (Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s) sat with an IV in his arm, ketamine slipping its way into his obstinate body. Not long before that, also there, in the windy city he’d once called home during the zenith of his Margot days, he had a doctor pop a nerve in his neck. When asked if it worked, Richard says that it didn’t not work. Our bodies and minds go through crucibles of varying kinds as we live, and we get good at taking the licks, but something remains below skin. Even when we’re in love: there is a current of pain that we pretend not to feel, humming. What would it feel like, to tap into that current–not with fear, but with courtesy and steady attention? Could we not use it as a power source of some type? Richard Edwards went on a trip last year, and then a new record fell out. Ghost Electricity/Vampire Draw premieres on vinyl and streaming in October, preceded only by “Ketamine.”
-Matt Metzler

1. Ghost Electricity Theme
2. Holy Spirit
3. Ketamine
4. Estonia (Monastery Mood)
5. Off To See The World
6. Love
7. Golden Moses
8. Hey Baby I Wantchu C'mere
9. Freud On The Beach
10. Ghost Electricity Theme: When The Now And The Here Disappear
11. The Mad Bomber