Thank you for taking the time to read our policies before placing an order with us.

Contacting us for order support


If you need help with your order, please contact Matt Metzler via email (matt at profounddiscomfort dot com) and include your order confirmation, your full name, your mailing address, and any other relevant details. Please allow up to 2-3 business days for a reply. We appreciate your patience.

Please do not attempt to contact Richard on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Patreon, etc) for support with your orders, as his DMs, replies, and comment sections are not regularly monitored or meant for order support.




Items shipped through USPS Media Mail are automatically assigned a tracking number in our system. We aim to notify you automatically when something is heading your way, but please reach out to Matt (matt at profounddiscomfort dot com) with your order confirmation email if you cannot locate your tracking information. Flat document mailers sent through USPS First Class Mail do not include tracking.


Change of Address requests


Please use a permanent mailing address when ordering items that are still in production and/or have upcoming release dates. We are a small operation, and we often print shipping labels and prepare mailers in advance to maximize efficiency, so we apologize, but at this time we can't guarantee that we can successfully redirect your order to a different address. Thanks for your understanding.


Signature requests


Patreon members can request signatures on the records they purchase by adding a note to their orders in the checkout process, but we cannot offer customizations or dedications in these signatures, and we cannot guarantee signatures requested in any other way than a Patreon member adding an order note during the checkout process.

If you are purchasing something that is already advertised as being autographed, we cannot customize that autograph upon purchase, as the signature has already been applied.


Combined shipping and preorders


If your order includes an item that is still in production or has a future release date, all of your purchased items will be shipped together. If you would like to purchase currently available items and have them shipped now, please place a separate order for those items rather than bundling them with your preorder item(s).