Ghost Electricity/Vampire Draw - The Director's Cut (Deluxe)

$54.99 USD

A note on The Director's Cut from R. Edwards:

"GE/VD fell out of me very quickly. Towards the very end of the process, as often happens, I wrote two additional songs and gathered the gang together for one last album session. Somewhere along the line I became convinced these two songs would curse the album and at the last minute they were removed. It was a huge mistake and those recordings have remained on my personal GE/VD playlist. They make it feel complete to me. So I decided to trust myself and issue what I consider to be the definitive cut of the record. All about love and time. I hope it feels definitive to you, too."

-Richard Edwards

Director's Cut Tracklist:
1. Ghost Electricity Theme.
2. Holy Spirit.
3. Ketamine.
4. Estonia (Monastery Mood).
5. Off To See The World.
6. Love.
7. Neighborhood Girl With Dog.
8. Benzedrine.
9. Golden Moses.
10. Hey Baby I Wantchoo, C'mere.
11. Freud On The Beach.
12. The Mad Bomber.

Ghost Demos Tracklist:
1. Holy Spirit .
2. Ketamine.
3. Estonia.
4. Benzedrine.
5. Golden Moses.
6. Bacall.
7. Love.
8. Hey Baby I Wantchoo, C'mere.
9. Sit N' Squirm.
10. Jane Greer With A Gun.